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Start your afternoon with a navajo bang, courtesy of today’s Gear Of The Day Kicks. Then check out the best weekend bag on the net. Last but not least, find the perfect traveling grill for all your summer barbecue urges.



Who: Keep

What: The Guerra Navajo Sneaker

Where: Keep

When: Now

GG Certified: Keep is a really cool and conscious company, so it’s only right that these kicks are pesticide free. They are made up of a natural hemp canvas body with custom woven cotton accent and custom cup sole.


The Guerra Navajo Sneaker.


Mixed Bag


Who: A. P. C.

What: Roux Weekend Bag

Where: Barneys

When: By the time the next summer holiday rolls around.

GG Certified: This suede, zip-around duffle is one of the best weekend bags we’ve seen this season. It’s good for guys and gals, so travel with this bag is unlimited.


A.P.C. Roux Weekend Bag.



Who: A-Morir by Kerin Rose

What: D’Arcy Sunglasses

Where: A-Morir

When: Whenever possible.

GG Certified: Kerin Rose’s stellar shades have made it to the faces of Rihanna and Lady Gaga. The creatively cool nature of her untraditional, overly-embellished sunglasses is to die for. Grab yourself a pair as soon as you can and you’ll have them just in time for that spring/summer sun.




D’Arcy Sunglasses in Black.




Who: Columbia TriStar

What: Blankman

Where: Target

When: When you need a hearty laugh. 

GG Certified: We just can’t get enough of those good ol’ ’90s television series flicks. Blankman, staring Damon Wayans, has got to be one of the funniest and most popular films touched by a single Wayans brother. 


A scene from Blankman showing funny guys David Allen Grier and Damon Wayans.


One Day…

Who: Søren Slebo 

What: Cast Iron Fire Bowl

Where: Design Within Reach

When: Today would be perfect. 

 GG Certified: Barbecue weather is upon us; and now grills have the portability to go anywhere we see fit. The Cast Iron Fire Bowl by Søren Slebo, with a diameter of just under 2feet, allows you to cook out no matter where you are or where you live. The Fire Bowl was inspired by the Danish coastal way of life where fires helped ships navigate the shores; it was also designed to gather people outdoors.




Cast Iron Fire Bowl.