Start your afternoon with a navajo bang, courtesy of today’s Gear Of The Day Kicks. Then check out the best weekend bag on the net. Last but not least, find the perfect traveling grill for all your summer barbecue urges. Kicks That Blossom — GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY (PHOTOS) Kicks Who: Keep What: […]

I think it’s far to say the majority of rappers these days fabricate or stretch the truth beyond reasonable doubt. Rapper’s tales of living on the edge, dangerous lives with cash to last for generations and women lining up at their doorstep are in most cases likely to be somewhat exaggerated. But is this really […]

Shaunie O’Neal walked the beaches of Maui with the new boyfriend Marlon Yates. The two have been on vacation on the island since March 31st. They were also spotted at the islands airport. Shaunie O’Neal’s divorce to NBA super star Shaquille O’Neal and besides spending time with the beau she’s been working on her new […]

Looks like Shaq’s ex-wife Shauna is doing her, seems like Shauna is going around town with a young hustler, well at least according to the dudes twitter page. Marlon Yates is the young mans name and he’s a 23 year-old model. Wow, Shauna is definitely moving on from the big homie Shaq Diesel. Hopefully Yates […]

<p><br /><br />Supermodel Lara Stone and modeling star from Brazil , Marlon Teixeira posed for Tom Munro in the new Forum Fall Winter 2010 campaign.Lara Stone looks absolutely stunning in this campaign, very sultry and alluring.These shots are so beautiful. Kudos to the photographer! I love the location and concept.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

What happens when you let two hyped up G.I. Joe stars loose in the Sirius studios? DJ Whoo Kidfound out when Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans stopped through last week! From comparing movie abs and action figures to an exclusive beatbox and freestyle session, these two let off some steam with no remorse! Well, maybe a little… Why is Marlon calling out 50 Cent yet again?! […]

The Wayans family has officially adopted Whoo Kid! I had no idea they were having a family reunion at Shade 45, but they had a lot to say about their new movie Dance Flick! Watch as Shawn and Marlon issue a harsh message for 50 Cent, speak on J-Lo lust and how to treat white women! Oh yes, and Marlon Wayans freestyles better […]