The Daily Grind Video

What happens when you let two hyped up G.I. Joe stars loose in the Sirius studios? DJ Whoo Kidfound out when Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans stopped through last week! From comparing movie abs and action figures to an exclusive beatbox and freestyle session, these two let off some steam with no remorse! Well, maybe a little…

Why is Marlon calling out 50 Cent yet again?! Who has a better team, G.I. Joe or G-Unit? Is Mark Wahlberg really looking for beef with Channing? Are white people trying to steal black-on-black crime?  Why are Channing and Marlon bathing in Vitamin Water? Why are all the ladies trying to useMarlon? And can Channing get a word in edgewise?

There may not be any answers to these questions, but you can watch what happens in this exclusive!