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It’s Friday, so you want to make sure that you have your freshest gear on to get you through the day and, of course, the night. We’ve got cork done right, bags that are more like boxes, sharp rings and floating things. Try on all of today’s Gear of the Day picks and make sure you stay fresh. 



Who: Bebe

What: Nakita Shoe


When: A.S.A.P.

GG Certified: Wedges are the comfortable heel and comfort is exactly what you need when the heat is too much to bare. These wine colored Nakita wedges by Bebe are mixed with cork in such an interesting way. Switch things up with these.


Bebe Nakita Shoe.



Mixed Bag

Who: Edie Parker

What: Edie Parker Clutches

Where: They’ll be hitting Barneys this summer. For now, see them here.

When: You can’t get them yet, but you have to keep your eyes peeled for these.

GG Certified: Hailee Steinfeld was seen on the 2011 MTV Movie Awards red carpet sporting one of Edie Parker’s rock hard clutches. We had to see more for ourselves. Now we’re in love with them all, we’re sure you’ll love them too.



Edie Parker Navy Pearlescent – Lara collection.




Who: Fallon

What: Labyrinth Maze Spike Ring

Where: Fallon Jewelry

When: Now.

GG Certified: Fallon makes some of the edgiest jewelry you can find. The Labyrinth Maze Spike Ring is a perfect example of that. It looks pretty sharp, so remember, it’s not intended to be used as a weapon. 


Labyrinth Maze Spike Ring.



Who: RetroGrouch

What: Floral Tapestry Bag

Where: Etsy

When: When you need a vintage accessory. 

GG Certified: Going retro is always a way to up your gear game. Try a vintage accessory that also taps into a current fashion trend. Here, we showcase the floral trend in a throwback way.


Floral Tapestry Bag.



One Day…

Who: All Weather Billiards

What: “The Pirate” Pool Table 

Where: Read up on it at Outdoor Pool Tables.

When: One day…

GG Certified: How cool would it be to play pool in your pool? This is the next luxury item on our summer wishlist. 



“The Pirate” Pool TablE