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GlobalGrind’s Gear Of The Day is back in effect with eco-fective bags, padded sneaks, fascinating head pieces, throwback fitteds, and a crazy concept car. Take a look, support all things upcycled, and try out a fascinator; we’re sure you’ll like what you see.
GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY: Jimmy Choo Takes Your Shoes, Bamboo Kicks Your Ankles Nixon Takes Your Time  (PHOTOS)

Who: Converse
What: Padded Collar Sneaker
Where: Footlocker

When:  Get them now.

GG Certified: The Padded Collar Sneaker by Converse is a cool shoe for your skinny jeans or shorts this coming spring/summer. Different variations of contrasting colors make them a chameleon with different looks.


Converse Padded Collar Sneaker.


Who: Poketo
What: Upcycled Leather Clutch
Where: Poketo
When: It’s always a good time to recycle.
GG Certified: Poketo prides itself on making fresh, trendy pieces with recycled materials. They do a great job of turning something old into something new. The Upcycled Leather Clutch is created using vintage leather sofas (so each clutch is unique in color and texture) and obi-like ribbon wraps. Get upcycled.

Upcycled Leather Clutch.



Who: Satya Twen
What: Wright01 Hat
Where: Satya Twena
When: Get ’em while they’re hot!
GG Certified:  Fascinators, or creative head wear, have been popping up everywhere since the Royal Wedding. While Philip Treacy may be the most known maker of fascinator hats, Satya Twena designs beautiful head gear that is a bit more wearable. Check out the Wright01 Hat, and others by Satya.

Wright 01 Hat.



Who: Zaha Hadid Architects

What: Z-Car

Where: Read about it on Zaha Hadid’s site.

When: We’d hope sooner, than later.

GG Certified: Zaha Hadid Architects build and design more than just building structures. “The Z-CAR [by Zaha Hadid] is a two-seater city car with a three-wheel base.” It uses Hydrogen for energy, the inclination of this passenger pod is speed adjusted, it requires less parking-space because of its shortened wheelbase, and the body consists of lightweight carbon-fibre composite with a large asymmetric door hatch giving the passengers a panoramic vision. We’ve never seen a cooler concept car.

Z-Car interior.

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