GlobalGrind’s Gear Of The Day is back in effect with eco-fective bags, padded sneaks, fascinating head pieces, throwback fitteds, and a crazy concept car. Take a look, support all things upcycled, and try out a fascinator; we’re sure you’ll like what you see.GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY: Jimmy Choo Takes Your Shoes, Bamboo Kicks Your […]


Between October 8-10th, comic fanatics and animation aficionados gather at Jacob Javits center in New York for one of the biggest pop culture conventions nationwide.  The show consists of professionals and fans of graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies and more.   Various panels were scheduled for an intimate discussion with creators of […]


Kanye West was rockin a 24K gold Horus chain and pyramid ring last Sunday at the BET awards. Both pieces were created by Jacob the Jeweler and are rumored to have a $300,000 price tag. Here is what Kanye had to say about the pieces on his website: ‘Horus is one of the oldest and […]

Bite me!  To bite or lust…that is the question…until the next moon! Eclipse – 3 howls by Jennice Fuentes Can we all get along???  Really, must there always be this conflict between the Volturi  and other less connected vampires,  the pack of wolves and the Cullens, the Newborns and the older folks, Edward  and Victoria, […]

When Edward says ‘You are my life now’ and Jacob’s sculpted-in-chrome body bursts into ferocious canine form, all a woman can say is ‘I’d rather die than stay away from you’.  The countdown begins.  June 30th, when Twilight Eclipse hits the theaters hormonal tweens, vampire fanatics, even middle aged mothers will be going wild for […]


Ever since it’s 2008 debut on the silver screen, the Twilight series has gained immense popularity within the world of pop culture and with preteens across the country. With two movies under-wraps and the third installment to the saga, Eclipse, set to hit the theaters June 30th, there seems to have been enough time to answer the […]


The bling bling master Jacob the Jeweler is halfway home after being released from prison. According to the New York Post, the jeweler whose real name is Jacob Arabov, was transferred from federal prison to a halfway house on March 25. Jacob, who is known for his work in the rap community, was sentenced in […]

<p>The police have caught a suspect they think is behind the past triple homicide in Darien, Illinois. Police caught a 23-year-old man named J.Nodarse earlier on</p>

<p>Jacob Nodarse was arrested by Florida police as a prime suspect in Darien murders. A cold blooded murderer had shot three family members at their residence in</p>

<p>Jacob Nodarse was arrested by the police from Lehigh Acres while sleeping in a mini van. He is considered the prime suspect in the murder of 3 family members</p>


South African President Jacob Zuma has allegedly fathered a child with friend and powerful soccer businessman Irvin Khoza’s daughter Sonono Khoza, according to a report in South Africa’s Sunday Times. The paper reports that the child was born on October 8 of last year, and is registered under the name Thandekile Matina Zuma. The child […]