It’s a sad day for New Orleans natives and bounce music lovers everywhere. Rapper and bounce music legend 5th Ward Weebie was pronounced dead on Friday after suffering a heart attack “which turned into emergency heart surgery and ultimately heart failure.” Weebie, whose real name was Jerome Cosey, was a such a staple in his […]

He thanked Drizzy Ivan instagram for the feature, and informed followers that his “price just went up.”

Snow has hit the south once again and it’s put one group of New Orleans dancers in a good mood. Check out Skip and Ya Boy Big Choo drop that holiday bounce right in the middle of snowfall.

Lil' Wayne and 2 Chainz go head to head in a rap battle in the new video for their song "Bounce."

Gear Of The Day takes you on an adventure today, offering a variety of different things from the cool, to the hip, to the eco-friendly. See what’s in store below and through the next couple pages. Jessica Simpson And Lily Allen Put The Music In Fashion — GLOBALGRIND’S GEAR OF THE DAY (PHOTOS) Kicks Who: […]


So in honor of the 19.2 lbs baby born by an Indonesian the other day, check out some pics of the largest babies ever born. Enjoy!!! Nadia Barabanova, 17 pounds, 1oz Ademilton dos Santos, 17 pounds     Shaune Nicholson, 14 pounds, 7oz     Stephon Hendrix Louis-Jean, 14 pounds, 13 oz     Anonymous, […]