Forbes released its list of the highest paid female atheletes of the year and Indy race car driver Danica Patrick cracked the top 10 this year at #3. Danica raked in an estimated $12 mil in the past year.  She’s certainly gettin’ that paper and her future looks even brighter with reports stating that she’s […]

It’s that time of day again, where we at Global Grind bring you all a collection some of today’s best twitpics posted by some of our favorite celebrities. Although we can’t live the life being apart of these celebrities’ lives, they certainly give us a glimpse of what they’re daily where and what-abouts through twitpic […]

Kanye West and Selita Ebanks are officially offical, spotted walking hand-in-hand to the Grazia Masquerade Ball at Opera Garnier in Paris, France, on Tuesday night.  The ex-Victoria’s Secret model was previously attached to R&B singer Maxwell and some are speculating Kanye ‘stole’ her away. Kanye separated from Amber Rose earlier this year and has said […]

Ladies, I may have some heartbreaking news to dish out here. It appears that R&B crooner Maxwell now has a boo and is off the market to us. Yes, the man who has given us all those instant classic romantic love ballads like ‘Til’ The Cops Come Knockin’‘, ‘Fortunate‘ and ‘Bad Habits‘ that have become […]


I am SO TIRED. Did I just come back from vacation a month ago? As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve recently been given a high-priority project, and the release date is actually in a matter of months, so we’re already in crunch time with set up. I’ve been logging insane hours at […]


The man who sang the first and last #1 record I ever produced, Oran ‘Juice’ Jones, just sent me this amazing video of his daughter, Perri Jones, who sings her heart out on this record…I know many kids have demos but this one inspires me… I want to know what u guys think…please watch video […]

Maxwell Performance At The Grammys ‘Pretty Wings’ x Roberta Flack


Ok now before you take a look at the list I put together I would like to give you some background on my inspiration in two words: TREY SONGZ..I watched his new video ‘Invented Sex’ yesterday and couldn’t help but wonder how intense that shoot must have been for the both of them. I started […]

It seems like I’ve been all over the world as of late, whenever I am out, people always say, ‘Man, Xilla you’re everywhere!’ I give them a Kanye shrug, sip my drink, and say ‘I’m just trying to grind like Tony Hawk on a world tour, global baby!.’ So starting from today I’m going to […]


Before you read this post please know that I love music but i will always be honest with you about my opinions when i dare post them. so here we gooooo Free’s first concert review!! Last night I had the pleasure along with 200 special Power 105.1 listeners to witness the magic of Maxwell live… […]