The Daily Grind Video

It seems like I’ve been all over the world as of late, whenever I am out, people always say, ‘Man, Xilla you’re everywhere!’ I give them a Kanye shrug, sip my drink, and say ‘I’m just trying to grind like Tony Hawk on a world tour, global baby!.’ So starting from today I’m going to share w/ you all the stuff I do, and the wild stories that happen on a regular night on the grind with Xilla. 

Last Friday, I stopped by the Heineken Red Star Series concert w/ Ludacris, Wale, & Estelle. The concert was off the chain. The home girl Estelle rocked the crowd, rapping and singing her tunes. Even pulling my boy Kev Clark on stage to bump and grind w/ him. Biz Markie spun tunes, as my blogger friends and I swag surfed in the crowd. By the time Luda hit the stage so much Heineken was flowing, and so many fine ladies were around that I didn’t even see Nas sneak on stage and prove that he still owes part of the Empire State. 

Jay Sean’s Listening Session presented by ICED MEDIA

Earlier last week I also got the chance to check out Cash Money’s artist Jay Sean listening session at Greenhouse. An unexpected surprise was literally bumping into him as he showed up w/ Baby and Slim. Baby was dipped in ice, and tatted up to his skull. They popped bottles in VIP, and partied like rock stars. Jay Sean rocked the mic, and I wondered why Slim doesn’t stunt like his brother & Wayne. That thought quickly left my mind when I realized that parties w/ endless supplies of vodka and fine women who look like Mallika Sheraway, are sorta like a big deal.

Pop Is Dead!

I also bumped into Amanda Diva at the Pop Is Dead event, which was a live art installation that is focused on the evolution of pop culture, from its beginning to, what the creators feel, is its end. The event was cool, there were models laying on beds striking poses, great music, a lot of live art exhibits and even a Michael Jackson impersonator.

I bumped into Marsha D’Ambrosia at a Hennessy Event at Ella. We kicked it for a minute and I asked her about her upcoming project she is working on, and Floetry. Its sad when a friendship ends. I’ll just say this, be good to your friends. In case you’re wondering Marsha never watched her ex group member’s sex scene from that movie she did. 

Last month Maxwell stopped by Madison Square Garden to kick off his tour. He tour the building down. Panties flew on stage, and he actually wiped his face w/ some chicks used drawers saying ‘Now I got vagina juice all over my face’ Maxwell was very humbled to be back home in NY. If you haven’t checked him out yet he’s still on tour, he’ll be in Memphis, today, New Orleans tomorrow and making his last stand in Baltimore.