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Most of us as kids had dreams of what we wanted to be when ‘we grow up.’ Mine was a veterinarian. It is all I ever thought about. It was my passion. Animals and the ocean always fascinated me. Then life happens, takes its turns and things don’t always go as we planned as kids. Nevertheless, there has always been a special place in my heart for animals which leads me to my blog today.

I wanted to bring attention to a dirty little secret in Japan that was recently exposed in a documentary called ‘The Cove.’ In a fishing village called Taiji, thousands of dolphins are driven into a cove each year. The dolphins are slaughtered, their throats are slashed, and they are speared to death. Some of the dolphins are even sold to use in dolphin shows and dolphin swim programs. 

I had never in my life seen such a barbaric way of humans killing animals. And what makes this all even worse is the Japanese government recently introduced dolphin/whale meat to childrens schools, even though the meat is high in mercury and is extremely toxic. The Japanese government did not even warn the Japanese people of the danger of eating this meat. The people of Japan deserve to know whats going on as it affects their families and children. The Japanese government also said it views dolphins as pests whose numbers need to be controlled. Unbelievable. 

There are probably a lot of you who may be reading this and thinking…’why dolphins there are so many more important issues to think about?’ 

This is an issue that directly affects all of us because it is a fact that the dolphin meat is toxic and being consumed by families including children.  What if this was taking place here or what if somehow this meat makes it way onto our dinner tables?

I only ask that you see the way ANY life form is treated affects ALL forms of life including us humans. Animals, the environment, humans, we all go hand in hand.

Will you join me in bringing awareness to this important issue?    






This is the trailer for the documentary: