R&B group Hamilton Park and Jermaine Dupri take it to the club and college campus in their new video “Things Called Us (Remix).” VIDEO: Hamilton Park Discuss Concept Behind “Things Called Us.” Hamilton Park and J.D. get up close and personal with lots of beautiful college co-eds in their new video.  Dressed in all black […]

If you were a fan of R&B groups such as Boyz II Men, Jodeci and Jagged Edge and you’ve been yearning for those tracks that used to make love to your soul and send chills up your spine, then let me put you on to this generation’s newest (and dare I say sexiest) male R&B group. Atlantic Records and […]

The great Deion Sanders once said,’if you look good, you play good, if you play good, they pay you good!’ Just because football is a brutal game doesn’t mean you can’t look fly and kick the shit out of people at the same time.  Here are the coolest NFL players of all-time 16. Sean Taylor, […]

Dez Bryant, one of the most highly rated rated wide receivers in the 2010 NFL Draft, raised eyebrows last week when he told Yahoo! Sports’ Michael Silver that one team asked him a particularly bizarre question during an interview: ‘They asked me if my mom’s a prostitute,’ Bryant says, an account that was confirmed by […]


Most of us as kids had dreams of what we wanted to be when ‘we grow up.’ Mine was a veterinarian. It is all I ever thought about. It was my passion. Animals and the ocean always fascinated me. Then life happens, takes its turns and things don’t always go as we planned as kids. […]