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The great Deion Sanders once said,’if you look good, you play good, if you play good, they pay you good!’ Just because football is a brutal game doesn’t mean you can’t look fly and kick the shit out of people at the same time. 

Here are the coolest NFL players of all-time

16. Sean Taylor, Washington Washington Football Team FS

He stayed violating the NFL uniform policy in an effort to stay fresh. And he ran rough shot over a punter in the Pro Bowl with no remorse!


15. Aaron Ross, New York Giants CB 

Mr. Ross has juice and his wife (Sanya Richards) is faster than anybody you know. Why he makes this list is because he is the consistently best dressed player in the NFL(check his spat game if you don’t believe me). Repeated breaking of rules to look good is fine by me. 


14. Anthony Munoz, Cincinnati Bengals OT

A Mexican in tiger stripes will will always be cool. 

13. Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings QB

Playboy Brett Farve is 40. He rocked jorts on draft day. He is making 16 mil this year. And the dude slings Wranglers and has us in the palm of his hands every Summer. If that is not the American dream, I don’t know what is. 


12. Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland Raiders, K

A 250 pound kicker that parties like a rockstar and will be a wannabe MMA superstar after his football days are over.

 11. Ricky Williams, Miami Dolphins RB  

Do you remember anyone rocking dreadlocks in the league before Ricky? I dont. Oh yeah, he ditched the league so he could get high and had no qualms about it!


10. Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens LB 


Rays pre-game entrance draws fans alone, nuff said. Ok, one more…’You can’t hurt this, I’m a machine jerk!’ – Ray Lewis. The greatest in game quote of all-time.

9. Jim McMahon, Chicago Bears QB 

One of the first to wear a helmet visor as a QB and he often made statements with his headbands. McMahon was a free spirit and it showed on the field. McMahon directed, wrote and produced the critically acclaimed and Grammy nominated Super Bowl Shuffle. No really, it was Grammy Nominated.


8. Eric Dickerson, Los Angeles Rams RB <img class='aligncenter s

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