Here's a look at the trailer for 'Back On The Strip,' starring Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Wesley Snipes and more.

We all know of the success that the Black Panther has seen. What we all might not know is that there was another star who was supposed to be the leading man of the franchise initially.

Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes are the most talked about duo thanks to their latest Netflix series, True Story. Fans are loving the series already and sharing their reactions on social media. Take a look inside.

The 7-episode show marks Hart's dramatic series debut. Our fave Lauren London will also star, so get excited.

Fans of the original film, 'Coming To America,' have mixed feelings about the sequel. Head inside to see what they're saying and more.

When Marvel revealed they were planning on bringing back their infamous vampire hunting superhero, with Mahershala Ali replacing Wesley Snipes in the historical role, most fans were far from happy. Many questioned why Snipes was “overlooked” when he’d successfully played the role in three Blade films that grossed $200 million here in the states and […]

“For everyone that sends me this photo 300 times a day,” the legendary actor let it be known he’s not amused by the silly social media pun.

Wesley Snipes recently joined Twitter, and currently he's an active member of the Black Twitter conglomeration - getting into beefs, asking relevant questions, and basically setting the record straight on a bunch of issues.

Anne Hathaway is set to play Catwoman in the new movie The Dark Knight Rises. Now, the first photos of Ms. Hathaway in costume have appeared and she looks fun, fierce and fabulous. Many women have played Catwoman before Anne, including Halle Berry and Eartha Kitt. There are so many different superhero movies coming out this […]