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When Marvel revealed they were planning on bringing back their infamous vampire hunting superhero, with Mahershala Ali replacing Wesley Snipes in the historical role, most fans were far from happy. Many questioned why Snipes was “overlooked” when he’d successfully played the role in three Blade films that grossed $200 million here in the states and worldwide. But, now, Snipes is breaking his silence on the matter.

“To all the DAYWALKERS losing their minds right now, chillaaxx. Although the news comes as a surprise, it’s ALL good. Such is the ‘business’ of ‘entertainment!’ Much peace to the MCU crew – always a fan,” he reportedly said in statement to

Snipes went on to reveal he hopes to work with Ali in the future…

“Honor and respect to the grandmaster Stan [Lee]. Congratulations and Salaam to Mahershala Ali, a beautiful and talented artist whose expressions I look forward to experiencing for many years to come. Inshallah, we will someday work together. Most importantly to my loyal fans, the incredible outpouring of love is overwhelming. I am grateful for the never-ending support. So, ‘nah fret nah worry, it’s not de end of de story.’ Welcome to the Daywalker Klique,” he said.

While most fans were here for Snipes’ return, some brought up his alleged violent history with Halle Berry and others questioned whether or not he should have dibs on the role if he hadn’t touched it in over a decade.

See what a few fans had to say about Ali vs Snipes below and let us know where you stand.