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Sheree Whitfield of Real Housewives of Atlanta has built her television career on  the phrase “I just want my seven figure settlement”. But did she ever get it?? Well details of her divorce settlement have now emerged:

In the settlement Sheree gets custody of the couples two children, along with $2, 142 a month for child support. (btw, do you notice we never see Sheree’s children on the show?!) She also gets a 2006 Range Rover Sport, $250,000 of her ex’s 401k plan and some shares of 3 other NFL retirement plans. and she also gets two lump sum payments that will total $775,000. So all in all she DID get her seven figure settlement when you total everything together. The question is….was it the type of seven figure settlement she was looking for??

And the even bigger question that has come up about the Real Housewives is Are They A Negative Depiction of black women?? I went on CNN Headline News to discuss this recently. It airs today at 5pm…..

The truth is that I enjoy the show and watch it religiously!! I don’t look at it as a negative portrayal of black women.  It’s a reality show and the show is just a depiction of who these women are as individuals, (oh and by the way, they happen to be black {sarcastically}). One of the women (Kim) isn’t even black.

Case in point, Kandi Burruss is probably the calmest of the bunch. She’s going through trials and tribulations that many women of all races go through. But on the flip side, Kandi gets accused on many blogs (including my own in the comment section), as not being a strong enough black woman….and this is coming from other black women. So what does that mean??

There is a certain baggage that ALL people come with, and certain stereotypes that ALL ethnic races fight to dispel. It’s often said that blondes aren’t as smart as brunettes. Is that necessarily true? No. Its also been said that heavy set people aren’t as successful as skinny people. Is that true?? No. I mean come on, we need to get past the baggage and the stereotypes and just learn to take people at face value for who and what they are.

If there is a feeling that Real Housewives is a negative depiction of Black women, then I think it’s because of a deeper problem. For years black women have been labeled as so many things, loud, opinionated,  rambunctious, etc. But to many of us thats just who we naturally are, the type of women who call it like we see. To me thats a trait that makes us special and unique. But now unfortunately, these are traits that SOME black women are afraid of and shouldn’t be. That’s just my opinion..


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