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UPDATE: Kings Of Leon are officially canceling the rest of their tour!

Due to Caleb Followhill’s alleged alcohol problem and “health issues,” Kings Of Leon have decided to cancel the rest of their U.S. tour. 

Are there problems in paradise for Kings of Leon?

Quite possibly, and after the band’s lead singer Caleb Followill just walked off stage during a concert in Dallas, the band has some explaining to do. 

The famed rockers hit the stage in Texas, and apparently it was too much for Caleb. In the middle of their set, Caleb let his fans know that he was ” going to go backstage for a second, going to vomit, going to drink a beer, and going to come back out and play three more songs.”  

VIDEO: Kings Of Leon Go “Back Down South”

Kings of Leon fans weren’t too happy about Caleb walking off stage and neither was Jared Followill

As fans started to boo, Jared said “I know you guys f*cking hate us. It’s really not our fault. We will be back as soon as possible. F*cking hate Caleb, not us.”

If that isn’t a clear indication that something deeper is going on with Kings of Leon, Jared took to his Twitter to explain that there is indeed a rift within the group. 

GlobalGrind hopes Kings of Leon can work out their differences. 

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Kings of Leon’s lead singer Caleb Followill. 


Kings of Leon rock out on stage. 


Kings of Leon’s lead singer Caleb Followill rifts on his guitar. 


Caleb goes H.A.M. on his guitar. 

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