It's nothing like the post-breakup glow up. You know when you're done with your boo, nothing feels better than getting a few fire photos off and posting to social media. Saweetie is setting Instagram ablaze with her sexy photos by the water.

It’s tough out here in these dating streets. So when you feel like you’ve finally found that one special person, it’s hard to let go. But sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do, whether you’re a wife with a kid, or just a girlfriend who knows you deserve better. Just look at Wendy Williams! […]

Valentine’s Day maybe around the corner, but some relationships didn’t make it across the Love Day line this year. If you’re one of those people feeling a little bitter and petty this year, it’s all good — we’ve got the playlist just for you. Kanye West -“Blame Game” Hit the flip for more tracks that’ll […]

Love is a pretty tricky thing. When it’s good, it’s gooood! But when it’s bad, sometimes it ends with the couple calling it quits. Unfortunately, that was the case for lots of celebs couples as 2019 wrapped up. Grant it, some of the pairs that split ultimately found their way back to each other, like […]

There’s no worse feeling than experiencing your first heartbreak. It’s a debilitating feeling that leaves you physically weak and depressed for at least a few days. All you want to do is drown yourself in throwback R&B while eating fattening comfort foods to take away the pain. Take comfort in knowing you’re not the only […]

Whoever said the best art comes from a broken heart must’ve known that The Weeknd was going to drop his new EP My Dear Melancholy and really spill the tea on his super private love life. Folks believe that Abel’s new body of work is all about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. The Toronto Native hasn’t confirmed […]

Every couple disagrees from time to time but there are unwritten rules when it comes to relationship arguments — like don’t bring the drama to my job. In one man’s case, his baby mama committed the ultimate “no,no” and  brought their son up to his job at Target, leaving him with no choice but to […]

Pranks are all fun and games, unless someone actually thinks it’s real.  In a worst case scenario, pranking your spouse could cause the relationship to end. Fortunately, this famous Youtube couple didn’t split after the wife’s disgusting, but hilarious prank — but her husband was livid: Are you breaking up? Or nah. Check out the […]

While going through a heartbreak, there’s nothing better than having some liquor, some vintage r&b and your girls to get lit with. If you’re anything like us, you feel this on a deep level.     Thanks for shining a light on this gem @theethankrane.

Laurence Fishburne‘s wife Gina Torres is raising some major questions. Last week, Gina was spotted out in public kissing up on another man. According to Page Six,  Gina was seen with the unknown man at the Sweet Butter cafe in LA. And if you’re wondering if she was rocking her wedding ring from Laurence…she wasn’t. […]

Safaree Samuels is usually all smiles despite whatever obstacle is thrown at him, but the rapper’s latest heartbreak was just too much for him to bare. SB’s uncle Vincent Roper was stabbed to death at his home in Palmdale, California last week. In an emotional video, Safaree says that he and his mom’s brother were super close […]