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Anne Hathaway is set to play Catwoman in the new movie The Dark Knight Rises.

Now, the first photos of Ms. Hathaway in costume have appeared and she looks fun, fierce and fabulous.

Many women have played Catwoman before Anne, including Halle Berry and Eartha Kitt.

There are so many different superhero movies coming out this summer and next summer, that it’s pretty interesting to see which old or new star plays the better role or better fits the character. 

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For example, Andrew Garfield takes Tobey Maguire‘s place in the new Spider-Man movie called The Amazing Spiderman in 2012.

Tobey played Spider-Man for three movies straight, so it will be a hard act to follow for Garfield. Hollywood always wants to make movies bigger and better to keep the fans excited, but with all these movies set to come out, which show will people love, the old or the new? 

Check out the top new vs. old superheroes after the jump!


Anne Hathaway on the set of the new Dark Knight movie.

Eartha Kitt in this black and white photo as Catwoman.


Andrew Garfield as The Amazing Spider-Man set to come out in 2012.

Tobey Maguire played Spider-Man in three blockbuster movies.


George Clooney played Batman in the ’90s.

Christian Bale is the new Batman named the Dark Knight.


Christopher Reeves played Superman in the early and late ’80s.

Henry Cavill will play Superman in 2013 in Man of Steel.


Jack Nicholson played the Joker which wasn’t a good guy in the movie, but still pretty great.

Heath Ledger‘s role in The Dark Knight was one of his best works before he passed away. 


Wesley Snipes is Blade, a human-vampire hybrid who protects humans against vampires.

Kirk Jones is a rapper turned actor who played Blade for the television series.


Lou Ferrigno fit the role of the Hulk perfectly because he was a professional body builder.

Edward Norton brought The Incredible Hulk in 2008 and revamped the role. 

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