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Kendall and Kylie Jenner were all smiles at cheerleader camp under the watchful eye of their mother Kris Jenner.

Kendall and Kylie laughed with friends while eating a few In and Out Burgers and they were also cheered on by their mother as the paparazzi snapped pictures.

PHOTOS: Kendall Jenner Gets “Haute”

Kendall pushed her self to the limit as she did her high octane routine that left her dead tired.

She tweeted, “On my way home from cheer camp! So tired! bout to sleep for 3 days! Lol I miss my bed!”

Kylie was also repping her team with a little advertisement for her cheer squad tweeting, “Everyone go onto the spirit consultants facebook page…look through the albums and like the picture of the sierra canyon squad (my team)”

We all like their Sierra Canyon Squad!

Check out these pictures of the young Jenner sisters at cheer camp in California. 


Kris Jenner barks some orders at her daughter Kylie Jenner. 


The girls are happy to get a few in and out burgers.


Kylie munches on an In and Out Burger during cheerleader practice.


Kendall fixes herself after a performance. 

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