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So by now you all know that on last Thursday, Mark Duggan, a 29 year old was shot and killed by the London Metropolitan police.

Since then, the people of the city and now the country have taken to teh streets and rioted and looted our communities. I’ve been trapped in my home for days, held prisoner against my will for fear of being caught up in the riots.

Like many of the people of London I’m terrified to leave my house.

I can be robbed or harmed the very second I leave my door, by intention or in the midst of a crossfire. The violence has now spread to South, West And East London and it’s absolutely horrendous that the looters are pummeling through their own surroundings.

The police are telling us to stay in our homes, but in reality there is nothing they can do, this is a job for our army if that is possible. There are not enough police and that is why the people are going crazy. But now it’s time to stop!

The 411 On The London Riots: Mark Duggan’s Death Sparks Chaos

This is not the London I know and love and it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing, when people that actually live in London do this shit to their own place of living.

The Aftermath Of London Riot War Zone

If the point the looters were trying to make was for justice, it has been lost. They are allowing the unfortunate death of one man to affect the lives of many. This affects every one in London and people all over the world that have family here. How can there be justice now?

Is this how you get justice? Or is it just simply an excuse to act out, be irresponsible and reckless? What good is this rioting doing for OUR country?

They’re doing way more harm than good.


Not only do people have to take on the worry of the endangerment of their safety, but their finances. Businesses are closing early, if they even open at all.

These absurd riots are now causing all kinds of financial woes. It’s not even about the death anymore. It’s about people robbing stores and setting fires on other innocent people’s cars and businesses. It just makes life harder.

London Is On Fire! Arson, Riots And Looting

Especially setting houses on fire. Some people here live above shops. They were all set on fire and people had to leave their homes immediately. If they stayed there for even 10 minutes, they would have died.

The Tragic Killing Of Mark Duggan Sparks Riots In Tottenham

Two wrongs definitely don’t make a right and the fact that these young looters are attempting to disguise themselves tells me even them themselves aren’t too sure or have a true belief in the reasoning they are claiming for these dangerous acts they are committing.

Yes, the death of Mark may have been unjust, but there is definitely a proper way to go about this that doesn’t involve affecting more innocent people.

It is a sad case fighting injustice with more injustice. It is time for the army to step in, the police just can’t handle the brutality of these riots and there has to be more severe action taken.

~ Shay Bombshell


Shay Bombshell writes a heartfelt post about the riots in London.


Shay feels like a prisoner in her own home. 

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