Adele bursts into tears after she gets a surprise visit from her favorite English teacher during her ITV concert special, An Audience With Adele, hosted in London earlier this month. Watch the heartwarming video inside.

She stands by a 2014 statement where she denies the morality of homosexuality.

This shocking footage will have you at full attention in London.

"Racism is more pronounced in America," explains the English actor who says his home country hides its prejudice more slyly than the U.S.

We’ve seen everything from movie and television shows to stars themselves becoming White washed — but what if things happened the other way around. It’s happening in South London, where people in Brixton noticed something strange about the movie posters on the bus stop. According to Mashable, the original images were created for a campaign […]

Everyone can’t spread joy to the world come Christmas season. Some folks are unapologetic Grinches. If that’s you, then Rudolph’s Christmas Rage Room in London might be your go-to spot. Check out the holiday fury below.

Central London residents were promised 36,000 free doughnuts today—but there's one tiny issue.