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It can be hard out here in the dating game.

Going through flings can become routine, disappointing, and dry as toast. So of course, folks overseas are figuring out ways to spice up the scene. And one London venue’s answer is a ball pit?


That’s right, it’s Chuck E. Cheese-lit in the bar and ball pit playground Ballie Ballerson. Patrons can order food and drinks at a cocktail bar, then afterwards, they can take a dive into a massive glowing ball pit.


Your inner child is freed!

There’s even a private pit you can book that looks out on two sides of the street and a golden VIP area for folks who book a table.


One writer from Metro describe her experience speed dating at Ballie Ballerson: “There’s something a bit odd about asking someone the slightly formal, ‘what do you do?’ while sitting in the middle of a ball pit with a neon orange ball flying over your head. Conversation was either quirky or randomly direct.”

She continued, “As well as breaking the ice, the good thing about ball pit speed-dating is it definitely attracts an outgoing crowd. People seemed upbeat and chatty; after all, if you have no sense of fun, you’re unlikely to have bought a ticket in the first place.”

You can book an individual ticket or book parties at Ballie Ballerson if you want others to join in on the fun.


The only question now is, will this unconventional night spot be an international trend? So far, there is a location in London and another one is supposed to open up in Australia soon.

Who knows, the U.S. might get some love next!

What do you think?

Can you find the one at a Ballie Ballerson or are venue setups getting a little too desperate. Watch the clip below, then give us your answer!

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