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Nicki Minaj shows off how much she loves using her crazy voices in an interview with MTV news. 

Nicki chit-chats with MTV about her part in the new Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, and how all of the negotiations came to fruition.

In the video interview, Nicki revealed that the original part she auditioned for she didn’t get, but after much consideration, the producers of Ice Age wanted Nicki to come back for a different part. 

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In her “Roman” voice, Nicki said, “Next thing you know they called me, and they said, we wrote in a part just for you because we really want you in this movie.” 

Nicki seems really excited to be fulfilling her acting dreams. 

Nicki will be joining an interesting cast of music connoisseurs. Jennifer Lopez, Drake and Missy Elliott have all been cast in the new animated film. 

Check out Nicki Minaj below!