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The Help was released today and in honor of the movie’s debut, we decided to celebrate its amazing cast members.

Emma Stone & Viola Davis Deliver A Powerful Message In “The Help”

This group of women are strong, sexy and miraculously talented actresses.

Emma Stone plays a gutsy recent graduate and Viola Davis plays Aibileen, a third generation housemaid struggling with accepting the standards of the 1960s.

Octavia Spencer also takes on the role of a housemaid and Bryce Dallas Howard plays an uppity social climber. Throughout the story, the women build an unlikely friendship that gives them the courage to fight past all the principles of their society.

Despite the movie taking place in the ’60s and dealing with racial and controversial issues, it takes on problems that almost everyone of any race can relate to.

The film provides encouragement to have determination in your beliefs and to pursue whatever your heart desires.

Check out more about these audacious actresses and their characters on the following pages.


Emma Stone who recently wrapped her work on Crazy, Stupid, Love, is on a roll, adding The Help to her acting career roster.

Emma plays a courageous graduate by the name of Skeeter, who refuses to settle into the lifestyle of most of her peers in the South.

Instead, Skeeter is more excited and determined to get her career started. This reminds us of Emma in real life on a steady grind, currently lending her voice to the Dreamworks animation The Croods.


Viola Davis takes on the role of a third generation housemaid that finds courage to defy the standards of the ’60s that have been placed on her. Viola Davis has wracked up Tony to Golden Globe awards with her amazing performances in King Headly the II and Doubt.


Octavia Spencer plays a role of a sassy housemaid that always speaks her mind but with good intentions. Octavia Spencer has a long resume full of sitcom roles and movies and has even wrote, directed and produced her own short film The Captain. Now Octavia is adding the ispirational The Help to her resume.


Bryce Dallas Howard is a Golden Globe award winning actress who has taken on huge movies like The Twilight Saga Eclipse, and Spider Man 3, and is now showing us more of her acting skills in The Help where she plays a social climbing mean girl.