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Kanye West fell off his throne during his performance in Norway. 

It may have been “All Of The Lights,” but as an energetic Kanye bounced all around, he bounced right off the platform on the stage.

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Kanye’s been so busy watching the throne, that he forgot to watch his step while performing in Bergen.  

In the middle of rapping, Kanye trips and takes a big tumble. The fans continued to cheer him on and he got right back up and continued his rhymes like nothing ever happened. 

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Every artist has fallen or tripped at least once during a concert and Kanye is no exception. He may be on the throne and the third highest hip-hop cash king, but it doesn’t exclude him from taking tumbles. 

We’re just glad Kanye didn’t injure himself. 

Skip to the 1:15 mark to watch Kanye take a tumble in the video below!