Kanye West fell off his throne during his performance in Norway.  It may have been “All Of The Lights,” but as an energetic Kanye bounced all around, he bounced right off the platform on the stage. PHOTOS: Watch The Throne Decoded: “Made In America” Kanye’s been so busy watching the throne, that he forgot to […]

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are in love. Do I need to say more? Earlier this week Star magazine reported they spotted Ashton Kutcher swapping spit with a beautiful blonde chick who was not Demi Moore. Well Ashton took offense to that statement and took to his twitter to defend himself.  The Punk’d and That […]

He might be at rock bottom of his career, but he’s still at the very top of two lists of athletes that are making BANK. For the seventh consecutive year, Tiger Woods has been named #1 of the U.S. list of 50 athletes compiled by Sports Illustrated’s SI.com. In addition, he’s #1 on Forbes magazine’s […]


Uh Oh! Why is Katy Perry all hugged up and kissing on this goodlooking man? She’s cheating on Russell Brand. JUST KIDDING. Katy Perry was shooting for her new music video “Teenage Dream.” The photos were snapped during the filming of a late night swim for Katy Perry and her hot partner. Judging by the […]

Christina Milian continued to put on her strongest face while doing a few errands and picking up a baby from a daycare center in Los Angeles. Christina Milian also had to have a quick twitter fight with NY DJ Funkmaster Flex aka Funk Flex. When Christina Milian first got with Dream Funk Flex hit the […]


Whether it’s getting into one or getting out of one, relationships are a pretty volatile substance when it comes to today’s male artists. It almost seems like they can’t really win: If they look good, fans want them to be single; if they’re taken, we’re jealous of the significant other; and if they screw up, […]

Christina Milian has always been on every man’s list of women they would love to be with. So now that Christina Milian is single I am offering my shoulder for her to cry on. Since her last tweet which we reported, she updated her twitter timeline once more. Christina Milian simply tweeted ‘UGH’ Christina is […]

Christina Milian is not allowing anyone to rain on her parade. With the recent explosion in the media yesterday (July 12) about The Dream mysterious getaway with a woman in the Caribbean, Christina is still smiling. Although, Christina Milian’s marriage to R&B producer The Dream is over, she still finds joy in her new born […]

It’s been reported over the last few months that Kendra Wilkinson husband Hank Baskett‘s relationship has been anything but smooth. After Kendra’s sextape with her former boyfriend leaked, the rumormill hasn’t left them alone. As I am a huge Kendra/Hank fan, I hope the rumors are as far from the truth as possible, but recent […]

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are at the final stages of their divorce, but before the curtain call there is one more act. To speak or not to speak, that is the question. With dollar signs being thrown around everywhere, a large one has just landed right in Elin’s lap. It’s been revealed that the […]

Heidi Montag left Spencer Pratt for his former best friend, Cougar Zank. Cougar is a goon, he has a colorful criminal past, which included run-ins with law enforcement and multiple DUIs in 1996, and battery against a spouse or person cohabiting and possession of pot in 2000. Now we are hearing that Heidi Montag and […]

Heidi Montag is at it again! “The Hills” star is suspected of sleeping with Spencer Pratt’s ex-personal body guard; Cougar Zank. But, on the flip-side Spencer Pratt allegedly cheated on Heidi during their marriage. Heidi is playing inspector gadget and has hired a private investigator to spy on Spencer at all times. This seems like […]