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Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are at the final stages of their divorce, but before the curtain call there is one more act. To speak or not to speak, that is the question. With dollar signs being thrown around everywhere, a large one has just landed right in Elin’s lap. It’s been revealed that the ex-wife of the golf phenom could be awarded up to $750 million to remain silent about any and all details of the divorce. Sounds tempting but before she gives her autograph to the lawyers on the dotted line, she should consider what she is giving up. Will she buy a new house, a shiny red Mercedes or maybe fill up her daughters college fund using the money her husband gave her to keep her mouth shut?

I can just see the headlines now: ‘Ex-wife locks lips and throws away the key to cover up for cheating Tiger’. ‘Elin seen leaving party early after slight slip-up on divorce’. Any private matter turned public is difficult to deal with, now imagine never being able to speak about it. As if Tiger hasn’t been selfish enough, he and his people have decided to bribe the once upon a time bride.


No one goes without flaws. But just as equally no one goes without facing consequences. Now that truth has turned Tiger into a kitty cat, he is ready for the gag order. If Elin ever reads blog, she should read this one. And if she ever takes advice from a blogger, she should take this- do not sign!

If Tiger and Elin decided to stay together despite the proven infidelity, there is potential in understanding why the silence would be necessary. In attempting to rebuild the relationship and keep the peace, the last thing they would need is to dwell on the past. But this is not the case. The peace has already been disturbed and the damage done. The magnitude of the contract is extraordinary. Never talking about anything at all, ever? Apparently, repression cost $750 million. If she trades her freedom of speech for money, she will be showing women that we can be silenced- and it will cost him.


Now I’m not saying that Elin should take a flight to Chicago and sit on the big comfy couch (Oprah) as soon as she gets the chance. She has never been a wife in the spotlight much anyway, so she shouldn’t look to become a celebrity off this now. The next stop for her shouldn’t be a tell-all book looking to hit the New York Times bestseller list. It’s not about being ruthless, it’s about being logical. Her decision to speak and what she says should be exactly that- her own decisions. It should not be something predetermined in the fine print. She should not have to fear a breach of contract for the rest of her life, so that her husband can continue living the dream. Talking about her happy family turned media target can bring her closure.

Ex-wives have a bad wrap in Hollywood, but she can change this. Elin shouldn’t be impressed with the expensive Gucci zipper made to cover her mouth. She will regret the day she signed her voice away.

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