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He might be at rock bottom of his career, but he’s still at the very top of two lists of athletes that are making BANK. For the seventh consecutive year, Tiger Woods has been named #1 of the U.S. list of 50 athletes compiled by Sports Illustrated’s In addition, he’s #1 on Forbes magazine’s 50 earning athletes in the world for the ninth consecutive year. Though his endorsement earnings fell $22 million from last year, raking in $70 million though endorsements from sponsors like Nike and Electronic Arts Inc. is still absolutely nothing I would complain about.

There’s a word for a man who can do two years at Stanford, wife a Swedish model, hide affairs with 10+ broads ladies, rake in hundreds of millions of dollars, and look so good playing golf. Baller.


I also have to applaud how he took responsibility for his actions (though when several hookers aspiring models reveal to the press that they have been sleeping with you for years, there aren’t many options), and took a leave of absence from his career to address his demons and reconcile with his family. Men People screw up daily; it is not our faults that define us, but how we choose to move forward from them.

Sure, $90.5 million is not the $127.9 that Tiger made in 2008, but it is a hell of a lot more than anyone else on the Sports Illustrated list made (Phil Mickelson was second with $61.7 million). To say Tiger merely ‘surpassed’ his competitors would be an understatement. 

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2. Phil Mickelson (token white dude #1)

3. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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