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Did you watch the video for “Otis”? If you did you saw Jay-Z and Kanye West acting like big kids and having a great time driving around in a chopped up Maybach.

NEW VIDEO: “Otis” 

What you may also have noticed was an awkward Indian actor standing in the background wilding out with Jay-Z and Kanye West. Well, that’s Kanye’s BFF Aziz Ansari!

Aziz is a big fan of Kanye West and rap music and while he’s one of the stars of NBC’s most popular shows Parks And Recreation, he always claims to be the odd man out. 

He recently told Complex Magazine “If there were a bunch of models, me, Jay-Z, and Kanye, what model is gonna come up to me? They’d talk to their bodyguards before they talk to me.” 

Even though Aziz is a big star with a new movie that just hit theaters, 30 Minutes Or Less, he actually probably is the odd man out in his Watch The Throne posse.

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Kanye often clowns Aziz about his wardrobe. “He actually makes fun of what I’m wearing,” Aziz jokes of Kanye West. “One time I saw him and I had on a brown leather jacket. He was like ‘Ha ha – you look like a regular dude!’ and I was like ‘Well, not everyone can wear a purple sequin jacket and have people not laugh at him.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, I know I look ridiculous, but I can pull it off.'” 

This is quite the friendship.

But with Kanye West dating women like Amber Rose, Kate Upton and many other models and Jay-Z married to the baddest chick in the game, Beyonce, we thought it would only be right if Aziz Ansari had a video vixen of his own. 

So we picked 8 “soul models” we think would be perfect for Kanye’s BFF!