When you’re writing for a television show that needs to pull in some epic ratings, you do anything you can to get it to the top! Law and Order: SVU put out a preview of their upcoming episode, and it was clear that it was based around the story of Chris Brown and Rihanna‘s previously […]

A servant for the people, Reverend Jesse Jackson has been fighting for the rights of the poor, unprivileged, weak and voiceless for over 40 years. We had a chance to grab a couple minutes with the Rev. to discuss everything from the Republican Presidential candidates, to getting money out of politics and his own transcendent […]

Between his flashy costumes and elaborate, unpredictable stage performances, no one does it better than the “Crazy,” “F*ck You” singer Cee-Lo Green. He is the ultimate performer!   So of course he was the perfect choice for the main act at this year’s BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans on January 8th. And boy […]

Chronicle hits theaters February 3rd, Super Bowl weekend, and has a young cast of rising stars that might not be household names just yet, but get back to me in a few years and watch, things will be different. LIST: Ben Lyons’ Picks! The Best Movies Of 2011 I recently sat down with actors Dane […]

Ever wonder what it would be like if Biggie and Tupac were still alive?If you’re a true hip-hop fan, you’ve probably thought about Biggie and Tupac a thousand times.DJ Rob Dinero and O’Neal McKnight are attempting to bring Biggie and Tupac back to life with their new concept mashup album Watching Over The Throne.  DJ […]

Amber Rose got a brand new face tattoo!  PHOTOS: Close Up Of Amber Rose Face Tattoo That’s right, the 28-year-old “Fame” singer showed up at Cameo Nightclub in Miami Beach, rocking a tight yellow dress and a Mike Tyson-inspired tribal face tattoo.  Believe it or not, the body art actually looks great; the perfect compliment to Amb’s […]

Last night, as she stood upon the stage at the Screen Actors Guild awards to accept the award for best lead actress, Viola Davis‘ acting career came full circle. Her stunning white gown embellished with the perfect amount of gold flair was a far cry from the garb worn by maid Aibileen in the blockbuster The […]

Twitter has sold us out! News broke today that Twitter is censoring tweets in certain countries due to particular government objections. The social media site announced earlier that it will be blocking any content that is offensive within that country, in order for their governments to maintain relationships with countries, like China, that don’t welcome […]

Yuna wants her fans to live their lives on her new track “Live Your Life.” VIDEO: Yuna “Come As You Are” Yuna is a Malaysian singer/songwriter who grew up believing in the power of music and its ability to heal and inspire people of all races, religions and creeds.  Yuna sings, “Find your life, don’t […]

Seal and Heidi Klum are getting divorced, but Seal has no intention on taking off his wedding ring any time soon.  DETAILS: The Reason Behind Heidi and Seal’s Divorce Revealed! In his first interview since the couple announced their divorce, Seal told Ellen DeGeneres:  “Yes, I am still wearing my ring,” Seal acknowledged, calling it […]

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney ranks top 10 in the wealthiest candidates ever to run for office. Unfortunately for Romney, he has not done a good job of distinguishing himself as a member of the 1 percent. STORY: Big Money! Mitt Romney Is Part Of The 1 Percent After continued pressure by the media and […]

One of the best highlights of CNN’s Republican debate in Charleston, S.C., happened in the first five minutes, when former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich went at it with moderator John King. King asked Gingrich about his ex-wife’s accusations that he wanted an open marriage – and Newt got into it.  STORY: Air ‘Em Out! […]