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When you’re writing for a television show that needs to pull in some epic ratings, you do anything you can to get it to the top!

Law and Order: SVU put out a preview of their upcoming episode, and it was clear that it was based around the story of Chris Brown and Rihanna‘s previously violent past from 2009.

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This isn’t the first time the Law and Order series has decided to take some inspiration from real life events, as they’ve already covered many pop culture headlines in the past.

Back in 2001, when Diddy still went by the name Puff Daddy, the television series did an episode based on his famous trial after a nightclub shooting.

VIDEO: Real Love: Chris Brown & Rihanna’s Past Inspires New “Law & Order: SVU” Episode

And just this past year, Law and Order did a special episode dedicated to the disgusting Jerry Sandusky trial that shocked the world in 2012.

Even hip-pop phenomenons like the book Fifty Shades of Grey wasn’t excluded from finding its way into an episode. 

Check out the list below of other hip-pop headlines that were made into a Law and Order episode!

Puff Daddy Trial – Back in 2001, Diddy was on top of the music world, but it was at risk of being taken away when he was charged with gun possession and bribery after a shooting at a nightclub in Manhattan. Even though he was found innocent of the charges, Law and Order was inspired to do an episode based on the hip-hop mogul’s trial.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The hit television series did an episode similar to the scandal that broke apart the former Governor of California’s family, after it was found out that he was the father of a 14-year-old love child with the family’s nanny.

Charlie Sheen – The actor who played the main role in this episode channeled the same odd behaviors that Charlie displayed throughout 2011.

Jerry Sandusky – The trial that shocked America and the college football world was imitated through this Law and Order episode, where the former football coach was found guilty of molesting young boys.

Casey Anthony – After being found innocent of her daughter’s murder and outraging the country, Hilary Duff plays a role inspired by Casey Anthony to tell a similar story.

Fifty Shades Of Grey – The book that got us all talking and reading inspired this episode of SVU, as the author of a similarly contexted book is assaulted.

Michael Jackson’s trial – This episode (no video) seemed awfully close to the same story that Michael Jackson went through when he was accused of child molestation during his career.

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