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Amber Rose got a brand new face tattoo! 

PHOTOS: Close Up Of Amber Rose Face Tattoo

That’s right, the 28-year-old “Fame” singer showed up at Cameo Nightclub in Miami Beach, rocking a tight yellow dress and a Mike Tyson-inspired tribal face tattoo. 

Believe it or not, the body art actually looks great; the perfect compliment to Amb’s orange shades and Givenchy earrings. 

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Of course, Wiz Khalifa was also in the building, embracing and cuddling his face-tatted girlfriend.

Amber opened up about their love affair to the NY Post:

After the Kanye breakup, Amber “totally separated myself from hip hop,” she said. “I didn’t listen to the radio, I just totally got out of the world. I listened to heavy metal.”

But she was single for only a few months before she met Wiz Khalifa via Twitter.

“I was scared, because he’s four years younger than me, and he’s in the same industry as Kanye and I was so over all that,” said Amber. “All odds were against him, but I couldn’t fight the feeling. Wiz is the better man.”

The couple has been dating for a year — they have each other’s names tattooed on their hands — and Amber said they’re thinking about marriage, babies, and buying a home together.

“We both travel a lot, so when we do see each other, we lay up in the bed, get sticky with each other, and watch movies,” said Amber. “If Wiz felt insecure about me dating Kanye, I wouldn’t be with him today. Everyone is someone’s sloppy seconds, unless you’re a virgin.”

Amber could never be sloppy anything! Take a look at her new ink in the accompanying gallery.