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With all the drama circling Single Ladies and the firing of Stacey Dash, we at GlobalGrind thought we’d do a rundown of fitting actresses that could possibly be up for the character of Valerie “Val” Stokes.  We are so sad to see Stacey leave the show as she was incredible, but whatever happened, we have to get ready for season 2.

In the show, Val gives up her celebrity stylng career to be a self-made boutique owner in Atlanta, GA.

She’s very close with her two best friends and always tries to portray herself as strong and confident.

However, despite Val’s tough exterior she has a very sensitive side and always ends up wearing her emotions on her sleeve.

The actress that takes on Val’s role definitely has to be able to embody her independent mentality and her sensitive compassionate side.

SAY IT AIN’T SO!! Stacey Dash FIRED From “Single Ladies”?

When we last left Val in the season finale, she was caught in a bit of love triangle between her b-ball playing ex-boyfriend who broke up her because he wasn’t ready for commitment and her new love interest who she’s fallen head over heels for.

The new guy is ready for a serious relationship, but reveals he doesn’t want to get married or have kids, which Val has her heart set on.

By the end of the season, Val is caught in between two surprising proposals from both of these fellas.

Who can jump right in and fill the shoes of a character with such a hectic love life and still get across Val’s sensitive and independent side?

Check out the following pages for some fitting candidates!