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Our homegirl La La is under strict orders not to reveal any information about Kim Kardashian‘s wedding. If she does, she might be stoned!

In an exclusive interview with Globalgrind, we asked about details of her friend Kim’s wedding and you won’t believe what she told us. Check it out below: 

“I would be stoned if I give away any details. So what I will say is she’s one of my best friends and she’s getting married. I couldn’t be happier for her in this moment in my life. She was there for me in my wedding, every step of the way for me and I’ll be there for her any step of the way. Anytime a friend finds love and is this happy, Kris Humphries is an amazing guy, you can’t help but be excited. I feel like I’m getting married all over again, my hearts beating fast I can’t wait for the day to get here. It’s definitely going to be a wonderful experience.”

We also asked La La, when the wedding is over and Kim says “I Do,” what will she say to her good friend, Mrs. Kim Kardashian-Humphries. La La told us: 

“I would just say I love you, you’re going to make a beautiful and amazing wife and I wish you nothing but happiness and love from here till eternity.”

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