We’ve all been waiting anxiously for Lil Wayne to drop his ninth studio album Tha Carter IV since Lil Wayne first mentioned he was dropping a fourth installment of his “Tha Carter” albums in 2009. 

Now, two years and two albums later, Tha Carter IV is all set to drop in less than a week. 

We’ve seen the tracklisting for Tha Carter IV which features rappers like Drake, Rick Ross, Bun B, T-Pain, and Cory Gunz, and we’ve seen two album covers for highly anticipated album. 

After hearing the four out of the 15 tracks, the question is will Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV be better than Tha Carter II and Tha Carter III?

PHOTOS: Lil Wayne Will Drop Tha Carter IV Online After The MTV VMAs

Now, I’m not doubting Lil Wayne’s talent or his ability to make a hot album, but I am wondering if this album with trump his others? 

Lil Wayne has spent enough time working on this album, so there should be some heat on the album, but how much fire will the fireman bring? 

Tha Carter IV was initially set to hit store shelves May 16, 2011, then Lil Wayne announced it would be pushed back to June 21, 2011.

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June 21st came and went and Lil Wayne fans still didn’t have Tha Carter IV album, but two weeks later we got Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape instead.

All Weezy fans will admit that Sorry 4 The Wait was definitely not one of Lil Wayne’s best mixtapes, by far, and it just increased our anxiety for Tha Carter IV

To Lil Wayne’s credit, he has been working diligently on this album, and it’s better for him to baby the album and make sure it’s perfect than to submit to the fans demands and put out a mediocre album. 

This Sunday after the MTV VMAs, Lil Wayne fans will be put out of their misery once and for all when Tha Carter IV drops online. 

Hopefully, Lil Wayne brought his mixtape Weezy swag to Tha Carter IV, I’d hate to be sorry that I waited for Tha Carter IV if it’s anything less than great. 

Brittany Lewis

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