Global sneaker retailer SNIPES hosted a star-studded event in Atlanta. Read more about the celebration inside. 

T-Pain is now a proud restaurant owner. See the viral Twitter thread that is inspiring his fans inside.

In a new Netflix series titled This Is Pop, T-Pain opens up about a very difficult time in his life.

T-Pain is trending on Twitter today for several reasons. We think it's because he's done being underrated, and gearing up for his best year yet. To continue our Black Music Month celebration, here's a list of some of T-Pain's greatest songs to date.  

T-Pain has worked with the biggest names in music, so it's only right his latest venture comes in the form of a podcast, where he can tell stories about the industry, making music, and everything in between.

Club Quarantine continues Saturday with T-Pain vs. Lil Jon.

You know it's good whenever a Mariah Carey track is in the mix.

T Pain got a tv show. The new show heading to Fuse TV will be called Side Gig, according to Deadline, he will be chronicling the paths of young entrepreneurs. That’s not all the Fuse Media has put a steak in Hip Hop announcing seven new original shows. Fuse is even getting into magic with […]

It’s April 1st, which means April Fools Day is upon us. A lot of companies have already begun setting up their pranks on social media, so before you find yourself becoming a victim of an online hoax, check out our list of corporate tricksters to watch out for. Sorry guys, there will be no Chocolate […]

Education is an extremely important part in achieving any dream you have in life, so it’s always nice to see celebrities take the time to highlight the importance of having billions as well as brains. T-Pain even opened a charter school named after one of the punch lines in his hit song “Can’t Believe It.” […]

T-Pain hit Twitter with a new tune last night that you have to hear. Previewing his remix of “Bartier Cardi,” T went off and Hip Hop’s newest princess approved. “Shit fireeee,” Cardi B wrote on Instagram, alongside three flame emojis. Listen up top and let us know if you think T-Pain killed it or nah?

After Jones dissed T-Pain’s “P.Y.T” cover in an interview, the crooner tweeted “it just seems like he’s pissed off at the whole world.”