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La La Anthony is getting ready to premiere Lala’s Full Court Life and we have the scoop on her new show, how she’s balancing being a mother, as well as busting her guns with Kelly Rowland.

In this exclusive interview our “Guest Editor Of The Day” reveals it all. 

Global Grind: How do you balance mommy mode from being the business that is Lala?

La La: I’m not doing anything different than what women have been doing for years, balancing being a mom and having a career and being a wife, you just somehow figure it out. You never know how you do it, but you do it. What I’ve learned is I don’t get mad at myself if I don’t if I can’t accomplish everything in one day. We put so much pressure on ourselves that we got to get it done. I won’t say it’s not a lot and it’s not challenging but it comes with the territory and I’m for the challenge, you know I do what I gotta do.

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This season on your show, “La La’s Full Court Life” we see you busting your guns with your best friend Kelly Rowland. Can you tell about the thrill of going to the gun range? 

You know what’s funny? She turned 30 and she had a list of things she wanted to do when she turned 30 and that was one of them. We are both very scared of guns, but it was fun. It was definitely an adrenaline rush and something we both said we wanted to do so we definitely had a good time doing that and Kelly is such a girly girl so to see her doing that when you know how her personality really is.

How is Full Court Life different from Full Court Wedding?

Full Court Wedding first of all was about the wedding and the preparation for the wedding and following all of that. Life is like what’s going on now, Melo’s been traded, we have to move to NY, what’s happening with me and my career, Kiyan and all my friends, and my cousin Dice, who people fell in love with from he first season what’s going on in her life and the issues she’s dealing with. It’s kind of like just picks up and expands even further when you go from 5 episodes to 10 episodes you definitely get a little bit more in depth with people and there stories and what’s going on. You definitely see a lot more this time around.

Why did you choose to give people a glimpse into your life?

You know the feedback was amazing from the first season and the ratings were high people were excited to see us and really wanted to see more. As I kept talking to people and saw how much they liked us and how much they wanted to see more I thought about it like you know this could be kind of a cool thing so why not do it which made me decide to do it and also it was a kind of crazy cool time in my life with Melo getting traded and picking up and moving and anytime you go back to a place we’re your from it’s good and bad when you’re dealing with family and friends and back to new place. I thought all of that would be really good for people to see how certain things actually do go down. There’s so many perceptions of what happens and I actually give people a true look at exactly how it happens.