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Fashion’s biggest what the f*ck moment happened yesterday when Nicki Minaj and Anna Wintour exchanged words and glances during Carolina Herrera’s presentation at New York Fashion Week.

PHOTOS: Nicki Minaj & Anna Wintour At Carolina Herrera

Minaj was dressed in what looked like colorfully dyed puffy balls knitted into a sweater after it escaped an LSD trip. Surveying the ’60s-inspired look from high above her skull was a pile of blonde hair snatched from a Valkyrie. Anna Wintour was clad in her bob and signature glasses.

Half the fashion planet freaked out, including yours truly.

Seatings at fashions shows are not accidental, which means that both Wintour and Minaj already knew what was up.

So why were the two together?

Some people seem to think that a future issue of Vogue with Minaj is in the works, maybe not the cover, but at least some editorial pages.  

Others believe that Wintour is trying to hook up Minaj with a designer for her own line, the same way she hooked up Thakoon with the Gap.

Me? All of the above. Then again the seating could mean nothing … Whatever the case, see Andre Leon Talley’s hand in this!

—Cacy Forgenie