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Kourtney Kardashian, stylist & America’s Next Top Model personality, Jay Manuel and E! News correspondent Ben Lyons were playing games from Herald Square all the way to Union Square yesterday, and we aren’t talking hopscotch.

The E! television stars teamed up with PlayStation to celebrate the highly anticipated release of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and to teach consumers how to master the title character’s consistent half-tuck that contributes to his notable rugged charm.

The third game in the award-winning video game series, which will be soon find its way to the big screen as a blockbuster movie, Uncharted has charmed fans in fashion and online.

We caught up with America’s Next Top Model star Jay Manuel at the event for an exclusive interview and learned about his gaming habits and a little half-tuck history.

GlobalGrind: So you don’t seem like the type to play video games!

Jay Manuel: Oh, you are so wrong! First of all I am a techie and anybody who knows me knows I am a techie. It is so funny when no one could figure out anything. Tyra used to always say, ‘Well ask Jay’ because I am computer tech support for everyone, so I am a huge techie and my nephews love that as well, because I got them a Play Station 3. Now, they are better at the games then I am, I am not going to lie, but when they get stuck, they come to me and then I get them out of the rut and then they just take the controller right out of my hand. So yeah, I actually am a big techie person.

What do you think about the un-tuck, well the half-tuck?

It’s the half-tuck, not the un-tuck let’s be clear on that one. Here is the thing, the whole idea of the half-tuck to me is not new in fashion. Ralph Lauren put it perfectly and I am kind of paraphrasing a little bit, but it kind of started when the polo players would get off of their horses, to play more comfortably they would half un-tuck their shirts and then all the pretty people started picking up on this trend.

All these designers from Dsquared to Dolce and Gabbana to Hermes to Costume Nationale, show that look coming down the runway and it makes sense if you think about it. If you look, you can see a belt buckle, you can see all the details, and it really shows confidence. It is effortless style and for me I just find that you look less uptight. If you tuck everything in it almost looks a little uptight, so a little bit of half tuck goes a long way. With Drake, what is so great about it is his style is it’s so iconic and this is so obviously going to become a movie franchise. It’s like if you think of Indiana Jones’s hat and whip, you can’t think of him without that. In Tomb Raider, Lara Croft is all about the short shorts, tank top and long ponytail. It is the same thing with Drake, he’s got the scarf, he’s got the henley half tucked, he is like a guy’s guy. It is so identifiable and that is the important thing.


Tell us what you think of the trends for Spring 2012.

I am so happy that it is still going this way. We are still seeing color, we are seeing a lot of patterns in fabrics, and again we are seeing a lot of jumpsuits. A lot of designers are showing jumpsuits either with flare leg or pencil leg, and wrap dresses in jersey are everywhere. Wrap dresses make women look so chic and comfortable and I think it is just really exciting to see it not go super, super neutral or anything.

You have probably seen tons of shows during Fashion Week. What have you seen that is your favorite so far?

We were just talking about jumpsuits and color, and I’ve got to say I love Diane von Furstenberg. She has her finger on the pulse of what women want to wear. The fabrics are amazing. We have seen so many knock-offs of her designs, I think that is a testament that people love what she does. Her collection was gorgeous. The fabrics and the colors were stunning.

What is your essential for fashion week? What can’t you be without during Fashion Week?

Obviously everyone carries a camera around. But, honestly I know it sounds crazy, especially when it is technically summer now and we are looking at Spring/Summer for next year and it is always so hot in the tents, I always have to keep tons of paper towels in my back pocket. I am like sweating to death in the tents and we always have to look cool and collected so I guess paper towels [are my essential]. I know that sounds really stupid.

You always look cool and collected!

Thank you, but I don’t feel it now.


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