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Boy band Mindless Behavior know how to make the young girls go crazy with their dance moves and young boy swag. 

Princeton, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Prodigy are like brothers from another mother and they’re not letting anyone or anything get in their way of making dope music. 

The hip-pop quartet dropped their debut album “#1 Girl,” which hits store shelves today.

GlobalGrind caught up with the boys in between press and practice, to talk about their good friend Diggy Simmons, hot dance moves, celebrity crushes and of course, their music.

Check out the exclusive interview below!  

GlobalGrind: You guys have this really hot video, “Mrs. Right,” featuring Diggy, which has almost 7 million YouTube views. How do you guys feel?

Ray Ray: We feel really good. We feel like we’re working hard.

Princeton: Shout out to Brett Ratner. He’s the best. And Diggy and LL Cool J and Mike Epps.

Can you guys tell us about how you all got together?

Princeton: Basically our manager, Walter Millsap, had a huge audition with like 600 kids and me and Roc made it, and then our choreographer Dave Scott found Prodigy on YouTube. Then Ray Ray auditioned a couple months later and from there, we worked every day in the studio, working out, vocal counts, everything. And then we signed to Streamline Interscope.



When can we expect an album from you guys?

Princeton: September 20th.

Since you guys have Diggy featured on “Mrs. Right,” who else can we expect to hear on your album?

Princeton: Actually, there’s no other features. We just wanted to give a lot of MB.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Ray Ray: I have to say Drake and Kanye West.

Rock Royal: Big Sean.

Prodigy: Chris Brown.

Princeton: I’d probably have to say, Kanye & Jay-Z.



Who’s the best dancer out of the group?

Group: Prodigy.

What’s your signature move?

Prodigy: My signature move is the hip rocker. And altogether, it’s the D Scott dance.

We have no idea what the hip rocker is!

Prodigy: If you come to one of our live shows, we’ll show you.

What are you guys’ favorite thing to do besides making music?

Princeton: My favorite thing to do besides music is writing poetry. I really like painting and drawing and watching movies.

Prodigy: Besides music, I like to go to the mall, hang out with family, go to the movies, and just be normal.

Rock Royal: Besides music, I just like to be myself, go hang out, make beats on the iPad or Garageband. Basically, that’s it.

Ray Ray: I like to skateboard. I love to draw. You’re gonna see some artwork on the album. I just like to chill.



If you guys could interview another celebrity, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Ray Ray: I would interview Drake and I would ask him how does he come up with his lyrics. And I would also interview Prince and ask him how did he learn all those different instruments.

Prodigy: I would ask Chris Brown how did he know how to dance really good. Like how did he improve?

What are some of you guys’ favorite foods?

Rock Royal: Mexican food.

What’s your favorite Mexican dish?

Rock Royal: Wet burrito!

Wet burrito! With the enchilada on top, right? The sauce and the cheese?

Rock Royal: Yeah!

Princeton: My favorite meal is Mexican food as well because my mom’s side of the family is Mexican. And I grew up with my mom, so being at home with my grandma, who only speaks Spanish; she used to make all the best meals. And she taught me.



Do any of you guys have any celebrity crushes?

Prodigy: Mine would be KeKe Palmer.

Princeton: My celebrity crushes are Tia & Tamera Mowry.

OK, so you like the girls a little older, huh?

Princeton: Yeah…

Rock Royal: I’d have to say Imani Hakim.

Ray Ray: I’d have to say Zendaya Coleman. And I like me some Nicki Minaj.



What’s been your favorite moment while touring around the country and performing at shows?

Princeton: When our first single “My Girl” came out, we were in New York and we were about to do 106 & Park.

You guys were super amped?

Princeton: Yeah. I’m really excited because New York is my number one favorite place in the world. On September 20th, we’re gonna be in New York and I’m super excited. For a whole week. Please if you love us, tell everybody at GlobalGrind that on September 20th, our album comes out.

What are you guys’ favorite colors?

Prodigy: Mine is red.

Princeton: Mine are green and black.

Rock Royal: Mine is blue and black.

Ray Ray: Mine is purple.



If GlobalGrind had magic lamp to grant Mindless Behavior three wishes, what would those three wishes be?

Ray Ray: That we become very successful. That we always stick together. And that we’ll always have longevity.

Princeton: I know it’s usually three wishes, but since there are four of us, I wanna know if we could each choose our own wishes?


Princeton: My wish would probably be peace on earth, everywhere.

Prodigy: I just want a lot of great success for all of us.

Rock Royal: To sell more than a million albums.

Ray Ray: Longevity.



Can we expect another single to drop from you guys before the album drops? Or are you going to let the album drop and then do another video?

Princeton: Our next single is my favorite song on the album called “Girls Talkin Bout” and today or tomorrow B. Scott is coming out to Orlando and we’re gonna learn the choreography for it. So after all our promo, we’re gonna be in the studio for hours. On Monday, we’re gonna shoot the video for it.

Out of all four of you, who is the biggest ladies’ man?

Princeton: It’s all of us!

All of you are equally the ladies’ man?

Princeton: Yeah!

Do you guys want to tell your fans anything else? 

Princeton: I just wanna tell them I love them. Stay peaceful and September 20th get every copy you can because there’s actually one group one and then we each have our own.

Prodigy: I just want to tell the fans to keep on supporting us and stick with us.

Rock Royal: I want to tell the fans to stay mindless.

Stay mindless. We love you and remember September 20th!

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