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The Sara Leal photos we posted yesterday were only half of the story, when Demi Moore tweeted a quote that raised our eyebrows.

Now the man in the middle, Ashton Kutcher, has dropped a subtweet that leads us to believe his marriage is still intact.

STORY: Are Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Getting A Divorce?

The Two And A Half Men star was accused of having a fling with Sara Leal, which allegedly caused him and Demi to split.

Ashton hasn’t tweeted much since the rumors of cheating with Sara Leal emerged, but his latest tweet has “subliminal message” written all over it.

STORY: Demi Moore Tweet A Subtweet About Her Break Up With Ashton? 

Ashton tweeted: #NowPlaying “Don’t Believe The Hype by Public Enemy.” 

Meanwhile, the pictures of party girl and alleged homewrecker Sara Leal are all people want to see. Take a look at the pictures in our gallery and let us know:

Does this look like the face of a homewrecker to you? 

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