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As Michael Jackson was dying from a lethal injection of Propofol, his son Prince caught glimpses of a team trying to resuscitate Michael.

Meanwhile, his older son Paris cried like a baby, according to testimony given by Michael’s bodyguard during day two of Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial.

According to NY Daily News:

“Paris was on the ground balled up crying. And Prince, he was just, he was just standing there, he was just in shock, slowly crying,” bodyguard Faheem Muhammad told jurors on the second day of Dr. Conrad Murray‘s involuntary manslaughter trial.

“They weren’t quite inside the room,” he said of daughter Paris, 13, and son Prince, 14.

Muhammad told jurors he ran inside Jackson’s rented Bel-Air mansion on June 25, 2009 and saw a “sweating” and “very nervous” Murray performing CPR shortly after another bodyguard called 911.

Michael Jackson’a assistant Michael Amir Williams also testified yesterday saying he received a call from Dr. Conrad Murray saying Michael had a bad reaction and was never asked to call 911.

“When I hear a ‘bad reaction,’ I don’t think anything fatal, me personally. And I wasn’t asked to call 911. I did what he instructed me to do. Get someone up there immediately,” Williams responded.

This is heartbreaking testimony and truly brings the devastating emotions of the family to the center stage of the case where it belongs. 

SOURCE: NY Daily News