Michael Jackson would have been 59 years old today and fans across the world are remembering their favorite star. But of course, the people closest to him are also having their moments of reflection — one of them being his 19-year-old daughter. Paris Jackson took to Instagram to celebrate her father’s birthday. With a picture […]

Paris Jackson has dedicated this year to jump-starting her career, which means sacrifices have to be made.

The 18-year-old says she isn't afraid of the attention her father Michael tried desperately to shield her from -- Is she foolish or brave?

Paris Jackson isn't here for anyone who has something to say about her recent Rolling Stone interview.

Paris Jackson recently got a taste of what her dad used to go through when it comes to paparazzi and having his personal space invaded.

The 18-year-old got candid about everything from her dad's tragic death to her suicide attempt.

Paris Jackson is letting it be known that she too is not a fan of white actor Joseph Fiennes playing her father, Michael Jackson, in the upcoming special Urban Myths. The entire world was in shock on Tuesday after the trailer was released, showing Fiennes as the late singer, and Paris took to Twitter to […]

Paris Jackson has no problem speaking up for what she feels is right – even at the risk of offending family and fans.

The 18-year-old took to Twitter to defend her late dad against allegations that he was a "drug-and-sex-crazed predator."

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Paris Jackson can’t seem to win. The music scion was harassed by fans on Sunday for not posting a tribute to her late father, Michael Jackson, on Father’s Day. The 18-year-old, however, was not having any of it, taking to Twitter to let those who criticized her know that they have no legs to stand on: She penned […]