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Despite all the BS Donald Trump has dumped on the modern American dream, Belcalis Almanzar is damn near the only proof left that it's still alive.

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If I could interview Jay Z, I'd ask him how many billions him and Bey need to win the revolution.

A piece by the late painter Jean-Michel Basquiat just sold for $110.5 million as his newfound Hip-Hop cred caries his legend to new heights.

He's already lost what little control he started his term with -- but what are the possible consequences for all Americans if President Trump is allowed to last until next fall's mid-terms?

If White people really wrote a show called Dear Black People, it would probably go out of its way to miss the point. It would be even less clever than the phrase "All Lives Matter," and less rational than the backlash to Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest. It would be as tired and bland as the slurs that were hurled at Adam Jones in Boston and less creative than the double entendre of hanging a banana from a noose — the honor roll scholars at the ridiculously-priced American University came up with that one. But most of all, any show written to address Blackness on behalf of Whiteness would have to be as hypocritical as the lie that America is a free country where all citizens are treated equally.

Camilla Hall's documentary follows citizens who have dedicated their lives to protecting Americans from police brutality.

The rapper put his misogyny, racial ambiguity and personal insecurities on front street by going in on a random Twitter critic.

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Pepsi's tone-deaf protest ad and the company's half-assed apology show why corporate America will never be about unity, peace or understanding.

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The former First Lady has been natural for years, but it's rare (and important) to see her curls unpressed in all their God-given glory.

Donald Trump‘s presidency has ushered in a new understanding of the idea of truth and justice in America. With the president busy ranting to Twitter about Snoop Dogg‘s satirical music video, no one in his administration appears remotely concerned about the muders of Tamir Rice and Mike Brown. New media reports about Rice and Brown’s killings show […]