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It looks like Ashton Kutcher has found himself in hot water this week, and we are not just talking about a hot tub!

New details have emerged about the night Ashton spent at the Diamond Suite, Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego on September 23rd, and it allegedly involves four naked women, a bottle of vodka and a lovely private hot tub.

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Previous allegations that Ashton, currently married to Demi Moore, engaged in an affair with a woman named Sara Leal hit the internet last week, inciting rumors of an Ashton/Demi split.

A witness now claims that Ashton, Sara and two other women were found naked inside the hot tub at the hotel suite.

“Sara is telling everyone 100 percent that she and Ashton had sex,” stated party promoter Gavin Naumoff.

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The whole incident is said to have occurred the day right before Ashton and Demi’s sixth wedding anniversary on September 24th. 

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Ashton currently stars on the hit CBS show Two and a Half Men as the new lead male replacing Charlie Sheen. But it seems like someone forgot to tell him that he doesn’t have to replace Sheen’s bad boy persona off camera as well!

Take a peek at the gallery of Ashton, Demi and the mysterious Sara Leal. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail