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D’oh! Our favorite dysfunctional family in all of television, The Simpsons, has been hit with the possibility of cancellation due to financial issues among the cast.  

Even though it’s not a name we hear as often anymore with the likes of recent adult cartoons such as Family Guy and American Dad taking over, The Simpsons is and always will be relevant to our generation.

It all started in 1988, before I was even born, and will forever be known as a franchise everyone will remember forever. It is a show that is like the Bible, no one should touch it, or even attempt to remake it!

It will always be that show that I wasn’t ever allowed to watch until I was about 13. Despite missing out on years of hilarity, it was that much more worth it when I finally watched my first episode. 

The lives of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are a part of everyone’s childhood, and to take that away would be like taking away a toy from a toddler.

The Simpsons is the show that teachers in middle school reference in order to get their students enthusiastic about the material in class. From episodes on almost every subject, it was a show that anyone could understand and enjoy, no matter how many vulgar subliminal messages it included.

The world of cartoons just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have access to flip the remote to hear Homer scream “D’oh!” at other people’s stupidity, and even his own. How can you stop that, when a word created by the show was added to the Oxford dictionary? 

There will never be another show where we can laugh and have a heart attack at the same time when Homer chokes Bart to near death. Do you know how long I’ve been anticipating it actually doing some real damage to him? 

Who represents harder for the cartoon nerds than Lisa Simpson? She gave inspiration to all young girl saxophonists who have irrational standards! Who could ever match the tall blue hairstyle of Marge? There would be no Nicki Minaj if it was cut! Who else can say everything without saying anything like Maggie?

All of this is the perfect compilation to create a brewery of dysfunction to watch at our pleasure.

Whether we watch the newer episodes or not, stopping the creation process of The Simpsons is stopping the smiles of people around the world. It stops the hope of all the 7 year olds who are dying to get older so their parents will let them see what they’re missing. 

Most important of all, it stops a complete comedic era.

Lindsey Paul