Rihanna posted a moving picture from the tragic bombing that took place Monday afternoon during the Boston Marathon.  She simply wrote, “Heartbreaking #PrayforBoston.” Over 11,000 comments later, and Rihanna sparked a debate: Was it wrong for her to post the graphic picture?  Some people assumed she posted a picture of a dead body, but that […]

I was shocked when I first heard the story of Dylan Quick, the self-admitted assailant in the stabbing at Lone Star College in Texas. Not only did he stab fourteen people with a knife resembling a box cutter, but he admitted to having fantasies of doing so since elementary school. Even worse, friends and family […]


You know whom I kind of feel bad for? Rocko. Dude, who’s a C-class rapper, at best, has the hottest song of his life and all of the track’s momentum is getting killed by a single line  — one that he didn’t rap. And one — assuming he has final say in his own music […]

We’re at this crossroad, more than we’d like to be. Realizing the glaringly offensive truth that I have to tell my little brother that he can’t act like other boys his age because of his color is hurtful and indisputably unfair. But I, like a lot of sisters, mothers and fathers, am no stranger to […]


The phrase “controversial Beyonce song” shouldn’t exist. For the first 14 years of her career, Beyonce has been the perfect everything. She’s never quietly farted in an elevator, let alone has she ever made an impolite comment, took a divisive political stand or sang a controversial song. “Controversial Beyonce song” actually became a thing last Saturday when […]

Stereotypes haunt us all. Whether it’s White men can’t jump, Asian people can’t drive, Black people love fried chicken, or all Puerto Ricans travel 20 people per car; we all have them. But perhaps none of these stereotypes are worse than being labeled an angry black women. This week, there have been a couple of […]


You can annually expect the Grammys to get things wrong, especially when it comes to rap. So it was a pleasant surprise to see the committee nail the Best Rap Album award this year: They gave the award to Drake’s Take Care, which was the right call, even if Nas’ Life is Good and The […]

Oh Harlem, they’ve done it again.  The man has stolen your swag and made it into a viral video, a pop culture phenomenon. But here is why I think Harlem needs to fall back with some of their anger… I remember sitting in my office when our style writer came in saying they brought back […]

The tears are running down my face. I couldn’t utter a word to my editor as I explained that this blog is hitting really close to home. DETAILS: JET’s Editor In Chief Comes Under Fire For Fantasia Comments I didn’t feel sorry for Fantasia after Jet Magazine decided to use a photo they wanted to […]


My favorite Michael Jordan moment didn’t happen on the court. It occurred in 2009, during his Hall-of-Fame induction speech. People expected MJ, the greatest basketball player of all time, to be humble, retrospective — in other words boring — while delivering his speech. Yeah, that ain’t Mike. For 20 plus minutes, a defiant and arrogant […]

What’s wrong with Kanye West? Absolutely nothing. Over the weekend, the Watch The Throne rapper closed his show by screaming at the top of his lungs for about 2 minutes, before throwing the microphone on the ground and walking off stage. But prior to his display of insanity or failed attempt at art, Kanye West […]