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Odd Future’s Syd Tha Kid and Matt Martian drop a track entitled “They Say” under a sub-group name The Internet.

Syd Tha Kid, known as Odd Future’s DJ and engineer and Matt Martian release “They Say.”

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“They Say” is a smooth jazz-inspired ballad, which isn’t surprising coming from Syd Tha Kid. 

Far from the controversial rap lyrics of Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats, it’s very clear that each member of Odd Future is a musical individual. 

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Syd Tha Kid surprises many fans with her soft airy voice. She sounds amazing. 

Syd Tha Kid sings, “They say everyday is a struggle, and it takes time. But do they, do they have a clue? How do I, do I tell the truth from a lie now?”

The bridge on the mellow track rings, “Just think if things were perfect would it be worth it if even act all.” 

There’s no telling when The Internet will drop a mixtape or album, but fans won’t be sorry for the wait.

The track is super dope, everyone who’s a fan of Odd Future definitely needs to check it out. 

Take a listen to “They Say” and tell us what you think below!


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