Craig Redman is an Australian born illustrator currently living and working in New York. He is best known for his illustrations, typography and work with brands such as Nike, Apple and HP and Parisian boutique Colette for an art instillation based around his animated cyclopes alter ego, Darcel

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Together with his business partner Karl Maier, Redman has worked on numerous projects, but the latest one was a gallery full of Redman’s animated portraits of many people in the fashion, art and music scenes: from Kanye West and Lady Gaga, to Giorgio Armani and Terry Richardson

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The portraits look like they came straight out of the pop-art era  and are all part of a series called the “Protagonist.” Signed prints of the collection are available now. Italian boutique SLAM JAM is now carrying the prints for approx $345.

Some of the portraits from the collection are above in the gallery!

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