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DJ Premier refused to let Justin Bieber participate in the BET Hip-Hop Awards rap cyphers and many will say for good reason. 

While on the radio, DJ Premier was asked about the screening process for the BET Hip-Hop Award cyphers, and he revealed quite a bit of insightful information. 

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“BET will give me the list. We have arguments upon arguments. Believe me we have arguments over who we think should be in the cyphers. Lots of big fights over the phone, trust me if I had a lot more pull, there would be a lot more MCs on there. But again, they look at more for ratings.”

Later on in the interview, Preemo revealed information about Justin Bieber wanting to freestyle on BET.

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“Justin Bieber even asked if he could do the cypher. Everyone was worried that it might mess up the integrity of BET, but I was like if he can rhyme, then let him spit.”

“But then we heard, he wants Ludacris to write his rhyme. I was like ‘oh no no no.’ If you can’t write your own rhyme, you can’t do it,” DJ Premier continues.

DJ Premier made an executive decision. It would have been cool to see Justin Bieber on the BET Rap Cyphers, but only if he would’ve written his own rhymes. 

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